Do you have to know how to roller skate to join?
Well, it helps, but we can teach you to skate even if you’ve never been on eight wheels.

Is there an age limit?
Nope. Our youngest member is 18, and the oldest is 50-something.

When do you practice?
Every Thursday night, from 7:00-10:00 pm. We run 12-week sessions throughout the year; in 2016 they start on January 7, March 31, June 23, and September 15.

Where are practices held?
At the Derby Depot, which is located at 1415 S. 700 W in Salt Lake City. (We’re around back on the northeast corner. Don’t mind the freight trains rolling by—we are just that legit.)

Are there fees of any kind?
It’s $80 for the 12-week session, plus an additional $80 per year for WFTDA insurance, which is required. Insurance is good for one calendar year; you can sign up for it here.

When are the next tryouts?
We don’t have tryouts per se. Our team members are required to pass a minimum skills assessment before playing, and that usually happens by the end of the session. (Some people take a little longer, but that’s okay too.) If you pay your dues and pass minimums, you play! Note: We cut off registration after the third week of each session. It’s in a skater’s best interest to get as much skate time in as possible before bouting.

So what do I need to do to get started?
Register for the upcoming session, get WFTDA insurance, buy gear, and show up on Thursday, March 30th!